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Change succeeds when well managed.

Well managed change builds resilience.

Change is the only constant. Those words from Heraclitus written thousands of years ago remain ever so true today.

And if change is a constant, another constant is resistance to change. This is where strategic change management comes into play. That makes it crucial to plot a roadmap to change that ensures you have defined a change vision to counter confusion, that gives your people the skills they need so they do not fear change, that includes the right motivating factors to minimise resistance, and assesses whether sufficient resources have been assigned to the change.

At the same time, individual change projects are a great opportunity to evaluate how adept your organisation is at change and to lay the groundwork for change resilience in the future. Do you have a change agent network in place? How do you perceive your organisation – as a machine, an organism, a brain, a culture, or is it in constant flux and transformation? Different types of organisations require different approaches.

I am a APMG certified change manager and have accompanied change in multiple projects. Talk to me about how to best manage your change.

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