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Virtual teams

Does your team collaborate across time zones and across geography? Do you meet via conference call to do important work yet rarely get to see each other? Do you have the feeling that you are spending a lot of time spinning your wheels but not gaining traction? Do you have frequent misunderstandings and miss deadlines as a result, having to cover the same ground multiple times before you see progress? Those are some of the pitfalls of virtual teamwork. The good news is – it doesn’t have to be this way!

In a two-day workshop, which can be held face-to-face or virtually, using a combination of group work, activities and simulations, participants actively learn solutions to increase team cohesion and make things work better. Depending on the needs of your team, we will discuss intercultural awareness, team identity, the importance of clear rules of collaboration, communication pitfalls and the role of emotional intelligence.

Up front, if the team is interested, participants can choose to include emotional intelligence test and a basic DISC personality test to help them to understand their own personality baselines.

Ideally, the workshop is followed up by an accompaniment phase, in which the concepts learned are actively practised by the team members in an on-the-job setting so that conflict situations can be discussed and resolved as a team.

Talk to me about what format would make the most sense for you.


About my trainings

Each of my trainings is custom designed for your needs after an initial consultation with you. I am a big believer in experiential learning, i.e. I come up with situations that allow you to experience the challenges for which you are learning new skills. My trainings and workshops are based on the most current trends in management, team and intercultural research while drawing heavily from my experience in fostering my own teams to come up with solutions to the everyday and not-everyday problems encountered in business.

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