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I am your interim manager for challenging international change projects focussed on digital transformation. The shift to digital is a challenge for many companies. Making sense of data, compelling data visualisation, results-oriented KPIs and strategic business reporting are my specialities. I am a close follower of what going digital means when it comes to providing services as well for the Future of Work, especially in the context of continuous learning.

Why people power? Because in business, people don’t buy things, people buy people. That makes your people your most important asset. Strong relationships are key to project and business success. In all my projects, this means I pay special attention to helping people reach their full potential.

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that focus on making your business more successful

the maple is Canada, that's where I'm from,
the oak is Germany, that's where I live,
my topics are global, that's where my mind is.

Your Benefits with People Power

Stronger relationships

Better relationships, more business

Improved cultural intelligence

Leads to greater confindence and better results

Better communication

Everyone on the same page

Greater trust

Better relationships plus stable, consistent performance increase trust

Customised approach

Designed to match your specific case and business strategy

Rapid conflict resolution

High-performance teams know how to quickly resolve conflict