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Resolve roadblocks, create opportunity, take flight internationally.

Building strong international business relationships at Canadian and German companies, that’s what people power does. All workshops, trainings, and consulting services are custom made to your business needs. I train your your international workforce in leadership skills and intercultural competence. I can represent your business directly in the German or Canadian market. And I am available as an interim manager for challenging international change projects.

No matter what service you require, I work to make you more successful by strengthening relationships. Because in business, people don’t buy things, people buy people. That makes your people your most important asset. Strong relationships are the core of your international business success.

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that focus on making your business more successful by strengthening relationships & giving you the skills you need

We discovered a common language and got over our cultural differences

Our global project team kept stumbling over deadlines, and our different ways of communicating. In the end, we were really struggling with trust issues. After our intercultural team training, we finally understood what was happening. We agreed on tools, rules and conflict-resolution procedures. Now we’re a well oiled machine.

Bryan Olin

It was like we having our own office in Germany!

We had identified Germany as a market, we had some promising first contacts, but we were running into challenges due to the distance, language, time zones and our lack of knowledge about Germany. Derek handled all of that for us and now our German sales have taken off.

I worked out a plan that took me and my team to the next level

At the beginning of the leadership development workshop, I ended up recognising that I wasn't truly leading, but more just managing things. During the workshop, I produced a concrete action plan that helped me get the most out of my team, and really got me noticed as someone who gets the right things done.

maple & oak -- the blog

The maple stands for Canada, the oak for Germany. I like to share my thoughts on events and ideas that I encounter. Your comments are welcome.

Your Benefits with People Power

Stronger relationships

Better relationships, more business

Improved cultural intelligence

Leads to greater confindence and better results

Better communication

Everyone on the same page

Greater trust

Better relationships plus stable, consistent performance increase trust

Customised approach

Designed to match your specific case and business strategy

Rapid conflict resolution

High-performance teams know how to quickly resolve conflict