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My name is Derek Tronsgard


Over twenty years of experience...

... in helping my clients communicate better and make better good business decisions.


More than 15 years...

... in middle and senior management at a leading international communications company.


I am a techie at heart...

...and love implementing digital solutions. I also have strong people, training and presentation skills. I work in multiple languages and have gained a broad general knowledge after consulting in multiple industries.

Solid certifications...

... I am a certified PMP, have an APMG Change Foundation certification, a masters degree in communication, and I’m a qualified negotiator and intercultural business trainer.


With my engaging approach...

... I build trust to actively move teams and groups towards their goals. I deeply enjoy helping people learn and advance their skills.


I bring a special international understanding...

... to everything I do. I’m Canadian and have lived in Canada, Québec, Germany, the United States, and spent considerable time in the UK and Russia.

I believe success comes from understanding people’s needs and inspiring them to work together to an exciting, mutually beneficial solution.

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