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What is Disciplined Agile?

Foundation for Business Agility | Disciplined Agile® (

How does my team get started with DA?


Establishing the Foundation Layer for Your Organisation  Foundation (

Module 1 The DA Mindset

Module 2 What is Agile?

Module 3 Roles & Responsibilities

Module 4  Leanness

Module 5 Hybridness

Module 6 Your Way of Working

OUTCOME: After you’ve built your foundation, you have enough to continue on your agile journey on your own.

How is the program set up?

We work alongside your team in one week sprints.

We incorporate elements of Scrum & Kanban. We have program goals and sprint goals.

Each module is  set up as a sprint, the story content is divided into stories that we set up on a sprint board.

In each sprint you set a goal that moves your team ahead along the path to DAD.

What does it cost?